Because You’re Worth It

The ending of a year and the start of a new one is a key time in the calendar for personal reflection and contemplation on the future. When we reflect on what we have accomplished and what our aims are for the year ahead. It’s this nostalgic seasonal period that leads us into new year’s resolution and to making promises to ourselves to ‘do more’ or ‘improve’ in some way. And yet according to published statistics* around 80-90% of all resolutions fail before the end of February.




There are many reasons people can’t stick to their resolutions and setting overly ambitious goals is one major cause of failure. While you might initially feel inspired and energised by setting blowout goals for 2019, the lustre of these resolutions fades quickly when we realise how difficult they are to keep. Small, incremental lifestyle changes may feel less sexy, but they have a much greater chance of creating real change.


So why not think about applying this to your career development?  If you are looking to develop in your role or to gains skills and knowledge to be able to apply for a new role; small incremental changes over a longer period to improve the chances of maintaining your development journey and achieve the success you are looking for. Commitment is the key – motivation will follow if you set small and frequent achievable goals.


How to invest?

This needs to be both time and money. Brian Tracy, a motivational speaker and personal development author, has a rule of thumb he says will “guarantee your future”: Invest 3% of your income back into yourself. The idea is that by investing in your knowledge and growth, you’ll improve yourself and increase your skills, thus furthering your personal development, career, and earning potential. By investing in your development and building a network of like-minded peers to help and support you on your journey. You may be fortunate enough that your employer does this for you. But we believe that you could also apply this 3% rule to your time.  If you sleep 8 hours you are left with 16 waking hours per day – 3% of your waking hours is 48mins!


So, when thinking about your future personal development in 2019 consider how you may invest your 3%.


3% of your time and your money – because you are worth it!


‘* depends on source.