Behaviour Led Business Change

So many change projects fail and thousands of pounds are wasted. But why does that happen?

If you Google ‘why do projects fail’ you will find hundreds of papers giving hundreds of reasons. We believe that there are two key actions that you can take that will vastly increase your chances of delivering a successful project with lasting change, and these are:

Plan it

Socialise your plan asking people ‘what could be wrong with this?’. If you ask people for their thoughts they are most likely to read your plan and make a few small comments but largely agree with what you developed. But when you ask someone to spot what’s wrong, the level of thinking and engagement is higher. You have asked them if they can help you to refine your work. It’s a compliment and they want to help.


Many organisations embark on large scale changes without really focusing on the people, talent and whether they have the right skills, knowledge or behaviours to support and deliver that change. Whether you are introducing a new system, launching a new product or some other key business change, making it behaviour led will improve the likelihood of success, quicker.

How can we help?

We can help you look at your change plan through a new lens. We can facilitate the refinement of your plan, the supporting people strategy and communication plan.

  • Do you have the knowledge and competency to deliver this change?
  • How quickly can people become proficient?
  • How is the team going to react to this change?
  • What might they be thinking?


"Hayley came into Wave to assist with recovering our debt position and she very swiftly was able to provide clarity and identify both quick wins and longer term improvement. Hayley prepared a plan and gained board approval and since then she has driven change working in partnership with our IT Team and worked with the team to coach and develop ongoing skills. Hayley works in partnership with the team at Wave and the TICL business ethos of collaboration and sustainable improvement, is clearly evident."

Lucy Darch - CEO

UK Energy Supplier

"Hayley and her team supported us with developing a bespoke set of training materials to improve the quality, consistency, breadth and relevance of our induction training. The knowledge that TICL has of the energy industry and their experience allowed them to see through the complexity of our processes and work closely with our teams to develop something that met our needs quickly. Feedback from managers across the business was entirely positive and we’re already working with TICL again to map processes against our customer journey."

Head of Operations


UK Water Company

"We engaged Think, Inspire & Create to carry out a transformation in our contact centres. I wanted an organisation that could challenge us in best in class in customer service experience, who’s values were aligned to ours and who could work with us as a partner to effect the transformation.

The team have more than matched these requirement."

Customer Service Director

Renewable Energy Company

"Think, Inspire & Create take accountability not only for the work they are leading, but also in 'doing the right thing'.

They have helped inspire teams to re-set what good looks like and inspiring others to achieve it."

Customer Service Director

Wave Utilities

"Having worked with Think, Inspire & Create over the last year I have found their service to be excellent. The team are friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. They take time to understand the business requirements allowing them to tailor their services to the need of the customer. Their ability to provide a high standard of services has enabled delivery of agreed works and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. I would be more than happy to recommend the Think, Inspire & Create team to colleagues and potentially new clients."

Amy Duffield - Director of Systems

UK Energy Retailer

"We were fortunate enough to work with Hayley, Jenny, Pip & Ben, all at TICL were enthusiastic, patient, friendly and approachable. Nothing was too much effort, they were extremely happy to answer our questions and suggest ways forward for the task in hand and to keep building our future business with best practices in mind.

We look forward to working with TICL again in the near future!"

Head of Operations