When it comes to building a successful team, what’s your recipe for success?


Having worked with many teams over the years we think the ingredients are a special blend like this…

  • Total clarity on purpose and value the team has in an organisation
  • Intensive, active listening
  • Feeling supported – few interruptions but lots of questions
  • Strong social sensitivity
  • Respective of each other – encouraging of eye contact
  • Genuine energetic exchanges – no monologues
  • Great teamship – everyone mixes – thoroughly!

Develop over time and together, in close proximity; add a sprinkle of good humour and plenty of laughter!

What are the ingredients that make your team a success? We’d love to know.

The power of listening and being listened to is frequently under rated. When one feels that someone is listening; listening to understand as opposed to listening to reply; it encourages trust and a true open conversation can develop.

It’s at this level of customer interaction that engagement and advocacy occurs.

This will help to build retention and offering the customer appropriate and value-add products because they know you listened to them, you understood them, you helped them and now they are more likely to listen to you.