This Months Theme

Fake it til you make it! – Presenting isn’t easy but with a few tips and some practice you can become accomplished and even enjoy it. It is also not limited to official presentations – how do your colleagues/teams perceive you, are you truly yourself at work, what shadow are you casting?

This Months Content

Below gives you an idea of what you have to look forward to, as we go through the month we will add content here for you to digest – keep an eye on your emails to tell you what is next!

Whats On This Month?


This months workshop will be on the 11th September at the Hampden House, Chalgrove – OX44 7RW. There is plenty of parking.It will run from 1pm-4.30pm. we are looking forward to seeing how you got on with last months content and your thoughts on this months book review


There are 2 webinars this month that will be recorded and shared in the last week of the month. You will receive your invites nearer the time,

Recommended Reads

These are always shared on the first working day of the month, we do not expect you to have read it by the workshop (don’t panic) as with all our content it is up to you when you consume it!


These will be shared throughout the month but usually after the workshop. They are an accessible way to remind you of some key information – keep your eyes peeled for them – This months topics will be Manager vs Leader, Great Teams and Responsibility vs Accountability


These will be a few minutes long and this months podcast is all about the art of delegation.

AI tool

You will get more information on this at the first workshop – you will start getting questions after the workshop and should expect to get 2 questions every day – don’t worry we will give you the weekends off!

Great Habits

The day after the session we will send you a couple of suggestions of habits we think you can give a go, we think they will make a positive impact on your day to day work (and possibly home) life.