What are you doing to create a more positive employee experience?

Many businesses are still yet to understand the benefits and added value of engaged people let alone have a strategy and investment plan on how to achieve genuine motivation.

People engagement is not just about providing a nice kitchen, designer sofas, table football or lunchtime yoga classes. These things, along with being well paid, having job related perks and time off, can create happy employees. But happy employees are not necessarily engaged people.

Stimulating and enabling genuine motivation to do well, is more complex. A people engagement strategy requires time, investment and consistent leadership. It must saturate the organisation.

It’s 15 years since HBR published it’s Service Profit Chain paper (https://hbr.org/2008/07/putting-the-service-profit-chain-to-work) which established the link between profitability, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction and it is still relevant, if not even more significant in today’s economy. In fact, we believe that people engagement has such impact within a company that it should have the attention, support and drive right from the top management of any organisation. People that are culturally aligned with their company’s strategy and values will add great value and deliver better results.

Are you one of those businesses yet to have a people engagement plan? Here are 5 reasons why you should do so now.

  1. Engaged people will be advocates of your business and brand.
  2. Engaged people are more productive and top performers go the extra mile for their employers. Hay Group (http://www.haygroup.com/uk/ ) research found that such employees are 50% more likely to outperform expectations and 54% less likely to cost you money by walking out the door, which supports reason 3.
  3. Retention and Recruitment – engaged people stay, develop and help drive greater success. They also help you to attract new talent too!
  4. Engaged people feel that they are invested in the organisation they work for and their passion and interest in the business encourages them to strive to create better process and services as well as innovative new products.
  5. Engaged people drive greater profitability. Engaged people = more efficient and productive = lower operating costs and increased profits – good for all if it’s shared too!