Impractically Practical?


It’s 2 months since GDPR came into effect and businesses still seem to be finding their feet when communicating with their customers. The strive to ensure compliance doesn’t always make for a great customer experience. Is it impractical to be perfect and do we as consumers care?

Oh yes, we care! We care about our data, who has it and what businesses do with it. We don’t want business to call us or to be bombarded with unsolicited marketing, so we are loving the protection that GDPR affords. I for sure have far less ‘junk’ in my inbox. But, and it’s a big but… because when we consumers have made the effort to pick up the phone we want to talk to a human, we want a speedy and efficient service. We expect the business we have called to know and understand our wants and needs. We want great customer service. We don’t want to jump through hoops, we just want to be served and served well. A recent business we have worked with had a 6 data point check list to identify a customer. This is both time consuming and frustrating for both parties. There must be a better way?

Investing in the capability of your customer facing team to manage customer conversations is the key to balancing of data protection needs and making it easy to do business with. Skilled customer service professionals are able to listen, understand and weave data protection questions into the conversation, as opposed to making them a barrier.

Consumers have choice these days and can be very fickle. If you don’t make it easy for me to be heard I will go elsewhere, no matter how good you are at protecting my data.