Why creating a ‘listening culture’ can help you, your people and your customers…

HBR article cited the connection between happy employee + happy customer = better profits?
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We believe one of the foundation principles for happy employees starts with a listening culture being your operational philosophy.

Listen to your employees, their ideas and suggestions. Be curious, ask questions and really understand their ideas and where they have come from. You will be amazed at the incredible suggestions and depth of thinking if you simply listen and ask questions.

The power of listening and being listened to is frequently under rated. When one feels that someone is listening; listening to understand as opposed to listening to reply; it encourages trust and a true open conversation can develop.

It’s at this level of customer interaction that engagement and advocacy occurs.

This will help to build retention and offering the customer appropriate and value-add products because they know you listened to them, you understood them, you helped them and now they are more likely to listen to you.