Do You Have ‘Ninja’ Listeners Working In Your Customer Service Team?


From agricultural to industrial and industrial to digital. Progress is not about removing people, it’s about focusing on the value of people, and what better place for this to be more pertinent that customer service. Service excellence is a fine blend of skilled people, technology and automation.  The art of conversation of a skilled customer services person is unlikely to ever be fully replaced in the digital age because of the true value of the human. Utilising both human skill and digital capability ensures that you optimise your processes to embrace the digital world and maximise on what the human is great at.

So, whilst the digital capability is growing make sure that you are investing in your human capital. Optimising human skill and the art of conversation in customer service is easy and won’t happen overnight or after a training course.  Optimising is not about AHT or ACW or any of that stuff, it is about developing a team of people skilled in the art of conversation. If you are passionate about customer service, you probably know this already.  So how do you do it?

Having a really great conversation starts with listening and listening is a skill that must be nurtured and developed. We are not that great at it these days and we are often trying so hard to be helpful or time pressed that we jump to conclusions and make big assumptions.

The first step in optimising your human capital is allowing them to listen to what the customer is saying. Listening to understand and not to reply. When your customer facing team are skilled at listening to the conversations they have with their customers, it will be positive and fulfilling – for both.

Can you remember the last time you experienced excellent service? You know the one where you put the phone down with a smile on your face and thought ‘that way easy. They really got me’?