It’s not WHAT you know, it’s not even WHO you know, it’s what you IMPLEMENT that counts

What’s it all about?

It’s about getting results. Capturing the absolute focused effort that you make as you get close to an annual target and making that the new normal. A short – 12-week focused effort on activities and tasks focussed on a clear goal.

It’s a methodology for achieving more. Based on the logic that whilst you may control your actions you cannot control your results. However, if you spend time thinking about what you want to achieve, in work, in life or both and define the actions, tasks or activities which are going to help you achieve them, your chance of achieving your goals are significantly increased.

Our brain has the capacity to change and we can literally train our brain; strengthen and develop through repeated thinking about our vision and goals.

All sounds like common sense and the type of stuff that you may have read in other business or self-help books, the difference and repeated mantra of the book is about having a consistent regular focus on the activities on your 12-week plan. Focused effort increases your chance of achieving your goals.

TACTIC – daily to do’s that are focused on the achievement of your goals

To set your daily to-do list you have to have a vision and have clarity on the goals that underpin that vision. This is probably the hardest part for most people and I think the book could have explored how you may go about this – help and support may be needed.

It’s an easy book to read, which you can complete over a weekend.  The challenge is then to invest time in thinking about your vision.

How did this book impact me?

The book helped me think about what I was doing with my time and what output’s I was expecting.  The value in reading it is the thinking afterwards. My calendar is frequently full and my to-do list, long. When I looked at it in line with what I was trying to achieve with my business, my home life, health and fitness etc. I could see that I didn’t have the priority and focus balanced with my expected outcomes. It was an opportunity to change.

What I also like and what has worked for me was the concept of a little bit every day. By doing a small activity or action that helps towards your goal every day really help. For example, I am learning to speak French and rather than try and do an hour of learning every day, failing and then feeling like I am in someway letting myself down… I changed it to 15 minutes. It was so much more achievable and now progress is steady and consistent.

Any limitations of the book?

It’s a bit repetitive so once you have the grasped the concept it may not keep your attention. I found myself skimming over a few paragraphs and saying to myself ‘yep already got that’. Its also like many other similar books – great theory but you must ‘do’ something different if you really want to change something.

About the author

Brian Moran is a New York Times bestselling author who says ‘great ideas are worthless unless they are implemented’. Brian is a recognized expert in the field of leadership and execution. His realization that most people don’t lack ideas but struggle with effective implementation led him to the development of the 12 Week Year.

Other books like this

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