How Do I Master the Art of Negotiation?

How do I Master the Art of Negotiation? Whether its negotiating with family or in the work place, you are likely to have more experience than you think. Build on this experience and develop your negotiation skills.As a parent, there have been times in my life when…

What’s My Learning Style?


What Is My Learning Style? Many people perceive themselves to only have one preference for learning. A preference for learning styles only reduces your willingness and scope for learning. But before I explain further, let’s revisit what we mean by the preference for…

Is Your Business at Risk of Failing?

Is Your Business at Risk of Failing? When big businesses fail, we are usually shocked. How could that happen? How could a business of that size get it wrong? How could experienced CEO’s and business leaders, running big businesses with lots of customers get it wrong?…

How can you influence those around you?

So, you need to exert some influence?When we are trying to achieve something, we can often ponder how to make it happen. It may require you to influence those around you to help or to do something. And to be successful, you may need…

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How do I set clear goals?

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” —Bill Copeland This is so true. Clarity is everything and if you Google quotes about setting goals you’d find loads more of…

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How Do I Improve My Business Processes?

When is the last time you reviewed the processes in your business?  Are you continuously improving or are you still doing the process the way Jean started doing it in 1995? Do you know what you do today and…….

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How can I teach myself time management?

What’s it all about? Well as the cover and title of the book may suggest, it is a practical, informative guide on how best to increase your time efficiency and improve your time management. Bird splits her guide into 12 chapters covering…

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What Makes a Great Leader?

A business is only as good as it’s people. Your reputation as a leader is your most valuable asset.  By being a great leader your people will trust you, your people will feel able to approach you and talk with you and finally, your people will follow you………

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How Do I Improve My Business Profitability?

Selling is a tough job that requires confidence and skill and most sales people are invested in, trained and developed to refine this skill.
Your collections team are selling…….

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How Do I Increase the Productivity of My Team?

As a manager, making sure your teams are both effective and efficient is a key part of your role.

Clear data and good management skills will be required to understand and manage performance. Often targets are used. They are a necessary part of all businesses but have you stopped and really thought how the target is structured, whether it is achieving the desired outcomes or whether it’s working at all. Can achieving a target, which for all intent and purpose looks like a robust and worthy measure, cost a business?……

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How Can I Be More Effective With My Time?

Many people know that we could be managing our time more effectively; but it can be difficult to identify where we are going wrong and know how to improve. We also slip into bad habits easily, procrastinate and do other things.
Well managed time = less stress and higher productivity and being more organised will make you more effective and well as efficient – not to mention happier! And we all want that, don’t we?…….

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So, What is the "Future of Utlities"?

I had the amazing experience of chairing last week’s Future of Utilities conference, hosted by MarketForce, in Central London. This is a flagship event, featuring a fabulous selection of inspirational speakers sharing their formative insights and experiences. Julia Davenport spoke about the potential of Peer to Peer energy training, Our Power, Robin Hood and Bristol Energy all shared the power of energy as a social enterprise, and Bulb led on the power of communication………

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Top Tips to Problem Solving in Teams

There are many barriers to change in an organisation and the ability to resolve problems individually and collectively is one of them. When faced with a problem there are 3 common responses people have……..

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What Gear Are You In?

You are the only person in total control of your career.

You are the driver.  So which gear are you in right now?

Development is something we want, some even crave it, but often takes a backseat in our busy lives. Your life balance is a unique blend of activities aimed at succeeding both within and outside of the workplace.

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