Curiosity Is As Important As Intelligence

Curiosity -the desire to learn, to understand new things, and to know how they work. Some of us are naturally more curious than others.
Could you believe that curiosity is as important as intelligence? When we look at people and capability, we often refer to them or rate them by intelligence (IQ). And yet being curious can unlock so many new experiences and ideas; a curious mind one that is hungry for more could become just as successful as an intelligent one.

But the older we get the less curious we seem to become. We are more likely to conform or accept things around us for what they are. Curiosity is important for excelling in any job and doing it better, because you ask questions, learn from others, and look for ways to do your job better. The mind of a curious person is active. They want to know and to understand. This gives them an advantage when learning something new, whether that is a skill, a hobby or a new job. Curiosity will give you the advantage when learning. It will help you do it better and more creatively, unlike a person who lacks curiosity.

When curious people fail, they are more likely to review and assess their failure; they are curious to understand the reasons behind the failure, so they can improve and do better the next time.

Curiosity increases the chances for success. So, how about unlocking your inner child and developing your Curiosity Quotient (CQ).

“Curiosity is the engine of achievement” – Ken Robinson

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