The TICL way and our decades of cross-sector and multi-disciplined experience ensures you will always experience a holistic approach. 

We bring the outside in. We see things differently to you because we are not familiar with your business – we are curious and don’t assume anything just happens. Our work across sectors, enables us to bring ideas and solutions from other sectors, helping to create innovative solutions for your business problems. 

The Team TICL Mindset


We are a people-centric consultancy, we champion the talents and abilities of the TICL team as well as those we work with. This focus allows us to get to the heart of your business to really make a difference. 


Process is central to what we do and allows us to understand, identify, resolve and create maintainable results. We have created our own unique visual approach, and we always focus on understanding and improving the unique processes within your organisation. 


We operate on a partnership basis to always ensure the most productive communications, relationships and results. We will work with you, not teach you, to make sure our knowledge is blended with yours. 

At TICL, we start with people and pictures. Our unique visual process gets your people engaged and helps us identify the key problems faster. This allows us to start improving and delivering sooner, enabling you to get to the benefits quicker. 

“We have developed a process improvement methodology, based on the use of visuals which help to breakdown complex and abstract activities into tangible and understandable ones” – Pip Brown, Head of Project Delivery 

We provide a unique approach of Business Process Improvement in combination with People Skills Development. When we work with you on a process improvement project we will coach and develop your people simultaneously, working closely with them to develop tools and knowledge so they can continue to develop in their role and in your business, long after we have gone. This combined with excellent TICL facilitation achieves the unprecedented results businesses are looking for. 

Working with a range of companies across many sectors enables us to bring fresh ideas and innovative solutions from other sectors, helping you differentiate your business. Our focus is helping a business to be the best that they can be.  We work in partnership with your business; alongside your people to identify improvement opportunities, whilst supporting and coaching them so they can continue to support business change and growth in the future. 



Managing Director, SME B2B Energy Company

“We have found the TICL team extremely impressive because they make highly advanced management practices so accessible.”

Managing Director, SME B2B Energy Company

UK Water Co

“We engaged Think, Inspire & Create to carry out a transformation in our contact centres. I wanted an organisation that could challenge us in ‘best in class’ in customer service experience. The TICL team have more than matched these requirements.”

Customer Service Director – UK Water Co

UK Energy Supply Co

“There have been several observable differences since the work with TICL started. They helped build the team’s sense of ownership and desire to perform. This change has been noticeable and represents a significant turn-round from how they perceived their team’s contribution and their role within the business beforehand.”

Head of Operational Transformation – UK Energy Supply Co