Business Process Improvement

Do you want to reduce your cost to serve? Do you want your business to be more effective and efficient?

Our expert team of practitioners integrate with your teams to achieve unprecedented results, fast. As time is money and speed matters, our unique approach can make that happen for your business. 


Whatever your business does, you will have a series of processes to get things done.  These day-to-day repeatable tasks keep businesses running. If you improve these business processes, your entire organisation will be more efficient and productive. Guaranteed! 

Traditional process improvement usually involves lots of data analysis and process scrutiny. At TICL we start with people and pictures and we use lots of visuals. Visuals help to breakdown the complex and abstract activities into tangible and understandable ones. This combined with excellent facilitation and a clear goal is the TICL recipe for success. 

Our Business Process Improvement focuses on three main processes: Understand, Identify and Resolve. Through these processes we provide tailored solutions that incorporate the requirements for individual business needs. 

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TICL partners with your business in a variety of areas to ensure your business receives the help and results needed; from productivity and efficiency improvements to reduced costs and increased quality.  

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Managing Director, SME B2B Energy Company

“We have found the TICL team extremely impressive because they make highly advanced management practices so accessible.”

Managing Director, SME B2B Energy Company

UK Energy Supply Company

“Hayley and Pip have been the best consultants I have ever worked with. They tailor their approach perfectly to the different members of the team to support their personal development as well as making them more effective in their day to day activities.”

Head of Operations – UK Energy Supply Company

Pet & Veterinary Care

“They have helped businesses to collect millions of pounds of cash but, more importantly, they have given our teams the tools and confidence to keep achieving their goals going forwards. “

Financial Director – Pet & Veterinary Care

Robin Hood Energy

“If you are looking to develop a customer centric approach to some of your operational challenges and want to work with a partner who really does care about your business I really would recommend talking to the Think, Inspire and Create team. “

Operations Director, Renewable Energy Co.

The TICL Approach

Why are visuals so powerful? It comes down to the way our brains receive and transmit information. As humans we understand images instantly, we have to work much harder to process text. In fact, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text.

The majority of us are visual learners, we are in essence better image processors than word processors, so working with images and pictures is a fast and effective way to get to a common understanding and make progress.

So the whole process is more engaging, invites participation and helps create the shift towards a culture of continuous improvement.

Case Study

As time is money and speed matters our expert team of practitioners integrate with your teams to achieve unprecedented results, fast. Our unique approach can make that happen for your business.

Improve Debt Management

This B2B energy co. is a well established and successful energy company that has progressively grown since it’s inception in 2000. The company identified that it had an escalating debt position and were concerned that their collections team were having minimal impact on this deteriorating situation. There was little clarity on the root cause and it needed addressing quickly. Customer NPS at +47 needed to be maintained whilst addressing the debt position and was a key value of the businesses senior team.


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