Results: Working From Home Survey

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Finally, the results of our ‘How did working from home work for you’ survey are now available to download.

There are some fantastic insights and some key themes, hence the name the 5 C’s of lockdown; Culture, collaboration, communication, change and coaching. The responses were influenced by a few factors, such as seniority; length of time in the business and the domestic situation, giving varied feedback.

In short some of the benefits people articulated could be summarise as; lack of commuting, less distraction, sense of better wellbeing etc.

But some off these were netted off by the fact that we are humans and we need to connect with other humans. The lack of contact and inability to understand & feel how people are doing was sited as an issue. As was the informal learning and information gathering that comes from co-located working.

There is so much more in the full report and we are sure you will enjoy reading it.