This Months Theme

What’s it all about? There is one thing you can always forecast and that’s change. Being agile and adapting to change is a skill. In today’s fast paced business environment agility and adaptability are key. Having clear objectives, detailed plans and excellent communication skills to name a few will increase the chance of success. We’ll explore how to set up and lead change for success differentiating you as a manager who can lead through change.

What we’ll cover…

  • The change curve and why our positions change.
  • Ego states and how to recognise your team move around them.
  • Attitudes and how to manage them.
  • How to recognise what is in your control.
  • How to build resilience in yourself and your team.
  • What resources are available to you.

This Months Content

Below gives you an idea of what you have to look forward to, as we go through the month we will add content here for you to digest – keep an eye on your emails to tell you what is next!

Whats On This Month?


This months workshop will be on the 14th August at the Hampden House, Chalgrove – OX44 7RW. It will run from 9am-12.30pm


There are 2 webinars this month. Links will be sent out before the events to allow you to join or the recording of the webinar and ask questions/interact. They will also be available on here the next working day for you to watch at your leisure.

Recommended Reads

These are always shared on the first working day of the month, we do not expect you to have read it by the workshop (don’t panic) as with all our content it is up to you when you consume it!


These will be shared throughout the month but usually after the workshop. They are an accessible way to remind you of some key information – keep your eyes peeled for them.


These will be a between 5 and 10 minutes long and are designed to reinforce information from the workshop and get you thinking in a different way. Great to listen to on your commute to work or when you have a short break.

AI tool

You will get more information on this at the first workshop – you will start getting questions after the workshop and should expect to get 2 questions every day – don’t worry we will give you the weekends off! You might find this goes up to 3 questions as you progress through the course. We will also send a quarterly summary to you and your sponsor to show your progress.

Great Habits

The day after the session we will send you a couple of suggestions of habits we think you can give a go, we think they will make a positive impact on your day to day work (and possibly home) life.